Every person that has seen her on stage share a unanimous decision: Demi Evans owns more than a voice, she's first of all an interpreter of light, but her sincerity and force of conviction with exuberance makes the most blasé audience leave their shell.

When Demi express herself, she puts all of her energy into her music to serve her repetoire which is written with four hands: herself and her accomplice and mentor Fred Morisset.

As an unconditional fan of Nina Simone, she revendicate her militant and humanistic heritage. Demi propose an unclassable style of music that's transparent and direct, with a surprising blend of southern soul rock and commited folk pop. Never forgetting the gospel and blues which were the props of her childhood in Texas.

If this child of the black america sound like a person outside of the musical scene which is often formated and reduced, it's because of her uncut personality and eclectism, the heritage of her unusual path.

As she grew up in the heart of North Dallas in the 60's, Demi Evans was exposed really early to the popular music building the diary of the afro american community.

In 2004 an adventure started when she joined the band with Jean-Jacques Milteau and Manu Galvin. Two great talented and generous men, offering an educational journey through the roots of the blues.

The coming out of her CDs "Why Do You Run" on the Harmonia Mundi label Iris music at the spring of 2006 and her last cd "My America" in 2009 on the famous label Dixiefrog lead her to the stages of some of the most important international festivals like Montreux, Montréal, Nice France, Hamburg…etc.

Her music allows her the opportunity to expose many faces: the one of perfectly inclassable artist, sincible interpreter, generous, open to all the problems of the world which she talk about with extreme frankness and a poetry with no make-up. On stage as on record her lyrics hit the bullseye, wonderfully served by an authentic voice and an insatiable determination.

This fall of 2011 Demi produces a brand new live opus "Live, life, live". This beautiful Texas's child is captured in her favorite element "The stage". Eleven songs of sharing good times with her audience plus an amazing and unexpected bonus track. This CD is a pure moment of musics, sharing and happiness. This is now the evidence, Demi is definitely an inclassable artist !

After many episodes, Demi finally feel ready to reach her objective of her childhood in the ghetto of Dallas by serving the others and touching them with the grace of her talent.